Kook Restaurant

Have come across another great site the other day - iGNANT - which has a great variety of photography, architecture and design related posts.  

In particular this article about Kook Restaurant made me take a closer look. Love how they have incorporated the tree into the restaurant, and also the old skool (but no doubt, new) table is done in a pretty tasteful manner.  


My Ideal Bach (Holiday House)

Came across Felix Odell's work the other day and came across some of his photographs of holiday homes in Sweden. This one in particular (see images below) struck me as being one that was simple, but effective and cosy - Imagine how good it would be to have an outdoor fireplace that you could sit around at night with family and friends and enjoy the views and night scenery but still be toasty warm? 

Geology of Shoes & Bohemian Glass

Beautiful series of videos shot by Petr Krejčí showing the construction of handmade shoes and Bohemian Glass. Great transitions between various schemes and ties it all nicely together.

Not sure about the final product from a personal taste point of view with the shoes! But you can see with both videos that the items created, have been created with great love, expertise and care to detail.

The art of asking: or, how to ask and get what you want.

Another great article on Medium that I recently came across.  

In summary: when I ask people for help, I select one or a few targeted people to reach out to, I define the problem, outline what I’d like them to help me with or what I’d like them to do for me, and tell them how much time I think it should take, and I give them enough information to make it easy to answer. As a courtesy, I also like to let folks opt-out if they’re in a busy point in their lives. 

I'm finding more and more that Medium is a site that I'm looking forward to checking bi-weekly (not enough content yet for me to be checking it every day). Amazing that this self publishing site has come onto the scene strongly. I'm not sure if its moderated/selected but the quality of the posts are pretty good. Medium, Check it out.

Blood & Champagne

Came across this Tumblr site recently. Has got a nice collection of exterior/interior imagery. Already wasted far to much time trawling through their archive. Here are a few of my favourites to date with more to come over time.